Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online Memorial Website

  • 1What is an Online Memorial Website?

    The Memorial Wall is a way of remembering a loved one and inspires others to do the same. The Memorial Wall collates memories of loved ones using words, pictures and photographs online. It is a precious keepsake that reflects a loved one's special life, full of memories, stories and experiences and creates a beautiful lasting record and legacy for your family and future generations. It is your own dedicated website that is unique and yours for as long as you wish.

    Features which can be included on the Memorial Wall:-
    • Obituary - Write their life story and highlight major events and experiences
    • Tributes & Condolences - Friends and family can leave messages, prayers and tributes
    • Photo Gallery - Upload and collect captioned photos to share
    • Add funeral details - Communicate where and when the funeral will take place together with the Wake
    • Upload the Funeral Order of Service - Allow people who couldn't attend the funeral to download the Order of Service
    • Link to charity - Add a link to a chosen charity which the deceased supported so that others can contribute
    • Share - Tributes and pages on social networks with ease
  • 2How can others access the Memorial Website?

    Each Memorial Website is assigned a unique internet address which includes the deceased’s name (, for example). Once you create a Memorial Website, share the address with family and friends so they can access it directly. Another way to share the website address is to publish and share the comments or page on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • 3Who edits and updates the Online Memorial Website?

    When you create the Memorial Website you will be asked to create an account with your email address and to choose a password, which gives you exclusive access to administer the website. Once logged into the admin area you can add, change or delete anything that you, or anyone else has uploaded to the Memorial Website. Visitors to the Memorial Website can add tributes but you will have the sole ability to alter or remove anything that is added.
  • 4Can I preview a tribute before it is added to my Memorial Website?

    Once logged in, open up your Memorial Website and you will have the options to select a 'radio button' to either 'Show only approved tributes' (If you select this then all user tributes will be displayed after your approval) or 'Show all tributes' (If you select this then all user tributes will be displayed without your approval)
  • 5I have forgotten my Memorial Website address - how do I get this?

    When you first create your Memorial Website you will be sent an activation email with all the necessary details. If you are unable to find the original email you can login, click on 'My Account' at the top of the page, click on 'My Walls' in the left hand menu and all your memorial URL's will be displayed for you to edit and view.
  • 6If you have forgotten your username or password

    Your username will be your email address that you signed up to the account with. To retrieve a password click on 'Log in' at the top of the home page. If you have an account with that recognised email address you will receive an email notification which will give you the online instructions.
  • 7How long does it take to create a Memorial Website?

    It takes approximately 2-5 minutes to create the basics of the Memorial Website. After that, you can continue to add and edit content at any time.
  • 8I have not received my Activation email yet. What do I do?

    If you have not received your Activation email yet, please check your junk mail and spam folders for the email as your email client may have treated it as spam. If it is nowhere to be found, you can try clicking on 'Login' on the main website, click on 'Forgotten password' and enter your email address. If this still fails please contact us by navigating to our 'Contact us' page and supply us with as much information as possible including your email address, name and telephone number.
  • 9How do you prevent people leaving offensive tributes?

    In order to post a tribute each user has to input the image characters, this prevents most spam offenders. We also give you the option to only show tributes after you have 'approved' them - this is displayed when you are logged in and the Memorial Website is on view. As the site's owner/administrator you have the ability to remove posted tributes altogether. If you find that a member is continually posting offensive tributes you may report them by contacting us about the issue and we will then investigate. We also have a 'report' link on every tribute - this allows other users to 'report' an offensive Tribute. As soon as a Tribute is 'reported' this will not be shown on the website until you allow it to be. You will be notified via email on every Tribute made and reported Tribute.
  • 10Can I invite Family and Friends to view the Memorial Website?

    Yes. The best way to do this is to copy the URL and send it to your Family and Friends. Alternatively, you can use the 'Sharing' tools on the right hand side of every Memorial Website so others can view on your social networks what you have created and contribute as desired. More often than not you will be connected on social networks to many of your friends and family.
  • 11Can I create more than one Memorial Website?

    Yes, you are able to create as many Online Memorial Websites as you wish.
  • 12How do I pay my respects when I visit someone's Memorial Website?

    Navigate to the Memorial Website. Fill in the required fields under 'Add tributes', this will be the tribute, your first name, surname and then we ask you to input the characters that are in the image (this is to stop spam). If you have a Facebook account we allow you to easily share the tribute on your Facebook page as well. All you need to do it leave the tick box selected and login to Facebook when prompted. We also give every user the ability to show their respect by 'sharing' the page on many of the world's social networks. These icons are shown on the right hand side of every Memorial Website created.
  • 13Can I remove a Memorial Website I have created?

    Yes. Once you login to your account or web page you will see a tick box near the bottom of the page 'Hide this page from the www' (If you tick this then your Website will be hidden from all users). It will only allow the creator (you) of the Memorial Website to view it and nobody else.
  • 14How long will my Memorial Website stay online?

    No Memorial Website will ever be removed unless it is deemed offensive / abusive or it is requested by family members and those reasons are considered reasonable under Remember in Peace's policy. Once you have made the initial steps of creating a memorial wall your website link will never be available to anyone else to duplicate. However to keep the website live and on the web you will need to pay an annual hosting fee of £8 or less dependent on the package you select. An email notification will automatically be sent to your email address 3 months before time of renewal.
  • 15Can anyone set up an Memorial Website?

    Yes, anyone can set up a Memorial Website as long as they have access to the internet. Part of the website link is automatically made up of the deceased name (however you can override this), but sometimes the name on the link has already been taken by someone of the same name. There will be instances where your desired link will not be available to use as it may already be taken. Do not worry though as a similar website link will be automatically provided or you will be able to input an appropriate one..
  • 16Why should I go to the effort of setting up an Online Memorial Website?

    There are many reasons and often they are of a personal nature. Time passes quickly and a Memorial Website gives an opportunity for personal web space to reflect and remember someone special. A Memorial Website can be accessed from anywhere in the world allowing family and friends to come together to show their respect and pay tribute. The website is built using the latest technology and we will continue to improve the site with no extra cost to you.
  • 17How much does it cost?

    Setting up a Memorial Website is very easy and user friendly and can be live on the Web in less than 5 minutes. When you first create the Memorial Website, you can select a payment method from a number of annual options - ranging from 1 year to 5 years. One year's subscription is £8, two years £13, three years £17 and five years £25.
  • 18Why do we charge for the Memorial Website?

    We are a private business with ongoing website maintenance and hosting costs. There is also continual design and development on the main features and functionality to keep the website up-to-date and live. We have tried to keep the costs to a minimum and our aim is to donate a proportion to charity at the end of each financial year.
  • 19Can I upload additional images to the memorial wall?

    As well as the primary profile image you can upload 12 images to the Gallery section on your Memorial Website.
  • Funeral Order of Service

  • 1How will I get my Funeral Order of Service delivered?

    You will receive the Funeral Order of Service package at your stated address through an associated parcel service partner of RIP (this is the delivery address you will have inputted when purchasing).
  • 2How long does it take to receive your printed Funeral Order of Service?

    As soon as you SUBMIT your order you will receive the order within 3-5 working days.
  • 3Am I able to print off the Order of Service using my local printers?

    Yes. We allow you to create your Order of Service yourself on this website and then pay a small fee (£10) to download so that the file is 'print ready' to take to your designated printers. We supply the file as an industry standard high resolution pdf document with 3mm bleed. We do this for 4 page and 8 page Order of Services.
  • 4Is there any additional charges on printing?

    There are no other charges. There is no VAT on printing Funeral Order of Services.
  • 5How many should I order and do you have a minimum order quality?

    We would advise ordering slightly more cards than the number of people you expect to be at the Service. There are always people who attend the Service that you didn’t expect and there are also people that cannot attend who would appreciate the Funeral Order of Service sending to them.
    25 is the minimum order and 300 is the maximum order. Please let us know if you would like more than 300 by using the contact us page. Unfortunately we are unable to process less than 25 due to the cost of set up and delivery.
  • 6What type of digital image can I use?

    When uploading an image for the front of the card we accept all the most common formats but would recommend JPEG or TIFF files if possible as these give the best print quality. Please also try to use the best quality image as possible. We would recommend '300 dpi', as this is the size that is best for printing. We can accept files up to 3MB.
  • 7Funeral Order of Service content?

    There is no definitive way to set out a Funeral Order of Service.We have designed the templates to help you add the appropriate text into each section. Some people just include the hymns and titles of any readings, others may put in short life histories, tributes, poems, prayers and readings, it is entirely up to you. We give the option to have a 4 page or an 8 page Order of Service; we have found that these are the most popular formats. Please let us know if you would like help and advice with this.
  • 8How much do you charge for delivery?

    There is no charge for deliveries, this is already included in our costs. If your order is urgent we can arrange a special delivery, but we will have to make a small additional charge. Please use the contact form on the 'Contact us' page if you have special requirements stating your order reference number and contact details. Upon receipt of payment,  your order will be printed and despatched immediately.
  • 9Do you deliver outside the UK?

    No. Normally with the timescales of the funeral we advise that it would be best to create the Funeral Order of Service using our online tools and then download the pdf so you can use a printer that is more local to you.
  • 10How do I pay?

    Once you have created and approved the Order of Service we ask you to pay online. You can pay simply by following the online instructions where we will navigate you to PayPal and you will have to use this facility to pay. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to register for one and this will only take you 5 minutes - click here to go to PayPal.
  • 11Can I send the Order of Service to friends and family for their perusal and input?

    Yes, we give you the ability to send the card to as many people as you wish. We give you two options: (a) after you have completed the card creation there is a button to download a PDF, or (b) we allow you to send to different email addresses for their feedback. They will then receive an email giving them the appropriate instructions to view and add feedback. Once you have received the feedback, you can then login and alter the Order of Service to suit everyone's needs.
  • 12We are short of time, could we create the artwork and print ourselves?

    We’re used to working to very tight deadlines, but understand in some cases people feel happier printing themselves or using a local printer. We enable you to create online and then download a print version for £10.
  • If you have any further questions
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact us page with any questions or concerns you may have. If you wish to give us feedback or suggestions then please click here.

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